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期待已久的RealFlow 2014教程,一直只见到软件没有教程,这个也大家一直问我的事情。今天终于有着落啦。
主要学习RealFlow 2014版本的一些最基本的概念和工作流程。
In this RealFlow tutorial, we’ll be taking an introductory look at many of the key features found in RealFlow 2014 with the goal of getting a good understanding of some of the most fundamental concepts and workflows in RealFlow 2014. We’ll start by learning how we can set up our RealFlow projects and learning about the new interface in RealFlow 2014. From there, we’ll jump into some mini-projects that we’ll use as a chance to learn not only how to create a variety of particle types, but even how we’ll be able to bring objects and animations in and out of other 3D applications to use in RealFlow. One of the most commonly-used features in RealFlow is Hybrido, and we’ll have a chance to look at Hybrido throughout multiple lessons in this course, including the new ability to set up viscosity in RealFlow 2014. By the end of this RealFlow training you’ll have a solid understanding of the concepts and workflows in RealFlow 2014.


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