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Digital Juice Animated Lower Thirds: Collection 3 for After Effects
Type: AE-Projects
Release Date: 2013
Requirements: After Effects CS4 & above.
File Format: .aep
File Size: 6.4Gb

Animated Lower Thirds: Collection 3 for After Effects – Stylishly highlight text & logos with these dynamic animated templates. These 36 new lower thirds are delivered as customizable After Effects templates with entry and exit animations and predefined editable text zones. Animated Lower Thirds, Collection 3 provides the variety you need to give all of your productions the perfect, professional style and sophistication they deserve without compromising on design or cutting necessary text details.

With the 36 animations in this collection you can draw just the right amount of attention to supplementary information in your videos without overpowering your main content. These animated lower thirds come with a range of fonts, designed to suit each look perfectly and to make it easier for you to add your own text content

Lower Thirds are an exciting way for you to keep your productions on the cutting edge. They usually appear on the lower third of a video frame with descriptive details explaining or naming the action on screen. Ideal for anything from show opens, promo videos and network logo spots to corporate presentations these hardworking animated lower third templates add network-level quality and style to any type of production.

Animated Lower Thirds are easy to use even for beginners. You can use them exactly as they are delivered, by simply dropping them onto your timeline and customizing your text in the corresponding placeholder areas.


  • 30 lower third animations – The variety you need to handle any type of photo, video or motion design production that comes along
  • 30 Fully Customizable After Effects Projects – You can use them in whichever application you are most comfortable with, to effortlessly enhance your productions.
  • All Fonts Included
  • Full HD 1920×1080
  • Seamlessly Loopable – Each animation is 5-10 secs long and can be looped seamlessly to infinity to fit any length production you may need to create
  • Includes Entry and Exit Motions
  • No 3rd Party plug-ins required
  • Works with Latest Juicer








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