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原名是:The Summer Blockbuster Colour Grading Tutorial(暑期大片调色教程)非常棒
来自澳大利亚的Juan Melara(导演、电影摄影师、调色师)。
I’ve received a lot of requests to share the techniques I use to achieve the various grades on this site and on Vimeo. But by far the biggest request has been to show how I create the cool/warm look. Otherwise known as the summer blockbuster look, the?teal and orange?look etc. The techniques I show you also form the foundation for most of the grades on this site.?I hope to create a series of these tutorials (hence the 01 numbering) so stay tuned for more upcoming tutorials. I’ve already got a few ideas but If you have any suggestions, send me an email or contact me on twitter.
In this tutorial I assume you have some basic Resolve knowledge and you’re able to setup up projects, import footage, apply LUTs and create nodes. I also assume you have a basic grasp of colour correction and colour correction best practices. If you’re new to Resolve or colour correction/grading in general, I recommend you check out some of the resources at the bottom of this post.



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