专业视频后期非编软件 Avid Media Composer V8.3.0 Win
Avid提供一系列专为后期制作专业人员而设计的不同配置的产品,可以为他们提供更高的创造性能,充分满足他们的项目制作需求。无论是选用Media Composer单独的软件产品,还是配备了功能强大的 Avid DNA?;硬件设备的完整系统,都会得出一个相同的结论:Media Composer简直就是全球最佳的编辑器。

自从Media Composer问世到现在,Media Composer系统已经成为非线性影片和视频编辑的标准。没有任何编辑系统可以与其相媲美,具备如此强大的性能、多功能特性和完美的Media Composer工具集。

今天,Media Composer编辑系统比以往更深受全球大多数创新影片和视频专业人士、独立艺术家、新媒体开拓者和后期制作工作室的喜爱,已经成为他们的首选编辑系统。没有任何系统可以像Media Composer这样,提供完整的创造性工具集、灵活的格式支持和精确的媒体管理性能。从无磁带工作流程到无缝式统一,从HD多镜头素材摄录到HD日常媒体数据,Media Composer系统始终都冲锋于业界最为复杂的制作项目的前沿。
Media Composer is the most proven video editing software in the industry, trusted by professional editors in every segment of film, television, and broadcast. Designed to handle high volumes of disparate file-based media, Media Composer delivers accelerated high-res-to-HD workflows, real-time collaboration, and powerful media management, eliminating time-consuming tasks so you can focus on telling a great story.

A Media Composer subscription provides you with your choice of month-to-month or annual access to the latest Media Composer | Software, plus access to the Media Composer | Symphony Option, Boris Continuum Complete Lite, Sorenson Squeeze Lite, NewBlue Titler Pro 2, standard Avid Support throughout your subscription (including software updates/upgrades), and more. For more information about licensing and support options, see the Media Composer Licensing Options guide.

Get easy access to the industry’s most trusted tools through a low-cost subscription
Edit everywhere with support for Interplay | Production and Media Composer | Cloud (formerly Interplay Sphere)
Stay up to date with the new application manager
Accelerate your storytelling with ultra-accurate ACE-certified editing tools, open workflows, and 64-bit performance
Directly access and edit RED, ARRI ALEXA, QuickTime, ProRes, AVCHD, XDCAM, and other file-based formats with AMA (Avid Media Access)
Work directly in HD from high-res sources, with full creative control of the image framing
Capture, monitor, and output with accelerated Avid interfaces or third-party cards and devices
Mix and match formats, frame rates, and more in real time—without rendering
Experience real-time HD editing—in mastering picture quality—with Avid DNxHD and Avid DNxHD 444
Never lose assets with the industry’s most reliable media management, which can automate complex tasks in the background
Edit, sync, and share projects remotely and extend real-time production everywhere
Deliver on time and on budget, with tight integration into professional pipelines
Work on stereoscopic 3D projects with a comprehensive set of tools
Create 5.1/7.1 surround mixes in Media Composer or import from Pro Tools
Get the look, effects, and quality you want with powerful production tools
Version, transfer, and archive finished sequences easily with AS-02/AS-11
Get advanced color, effects, and mastering tools with the Media Composer | Symphony Option
Work on a Mac or PC

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