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Video Copilot公司今天宣布,下一个主要版本 Element 3D v2!即将在11月份推出,安德鲁克莱默说’:这将是一次更新,我们很高兴能带给你们最新的插件,面向世界!’
在今年10月6日,Video Copilot公司会参加After Effects World大会,届时会带来更多有关于Element 3D v2版本的一些新增功能和特性。

It has been a little over 2 years since the release of Element 3D V1 and I still remember it quite vividly. I recall staying up all night before the launch, trying to get everything done.

I was nervous and excited. My son Josh had just been born a week earlier and I was working from home at the time. The pressure was on!

Finally everything was in place and we hit the GO button. The page went live! I exhaled with a strange form of guarded relief. There was no turning back.

The next thing I remember in my semi-conscious state was the absolutely incredible response from the community. The heartfelt comments and appreciation. Even to this day, when somebody gets a chance to use Element 3D in their project, I’m truly excited and thankful.

At Video Copilot we know the bar is raised high and we accepted the challenge.

Today, I’m pleased to announce the next major release of Element 3D V2! This November we’re thrilled to bring our latest plug-in to the world!

Our team has worked exceptionally hard to try and bring you incredible new features that will save you time and create impressive results without a SHADOW of a doubt.

Join Us October 6th for the first sneak peak and some actual product details!!
(Right after I get back from After Effects World!)

UPGRADING: We will have special upgrade pricing for previous owners as well. This is a BIG Release!

关于Element 3D
Element 3D是videocopilot机构出品的强大AE插件,支持3D对象在AE中直接渲染的引擎。该插件采用OpenGL程序接口,支持显卡直接参与OpenGL运算,是AfterEffects中为数不多的支持完全3D渲染特性的插件之一。该插件具有real time rendering(实时渲染)的特性,即在制作3D效果过程中可以直接在屏幕上看到渲染结果,CG运算的效率得以大幅提升。另外,相比较于传统的AE针对3D动画合成中出现各种繁琐的操作,如摄像机同步、光影匹配等等,Element 3D可以让特效师直接在AE里面完成,而不需要考虑摄像机和光影迁移的问题。配合After Effects内置的Camera Tracker(摄像机追踪)功能,可以完成各类复杂的3D后期合成特效。



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