AE脚本 文本空间排列动画 LayerMonkey v1.04 (Aescripts) 带使用教程
LayerMonkey是一个After Effect脚本,在时间和空间上它可以管理和为你的合成图层做动画。它还创建了一个父子关系摄像机和生成一个主控制层,使得它可以全局调整时间和动画。现在照片、视频和pre-comps(预合成)可以用作动力元素复杂monkey-generated组成,只需要一个简单的按下的按钮。
LayerMonkey is a versatile script for After Effects that arranges and animates your comp’s layers in time and space. It also creates a camera and generates a master control layer that makes timing and global adjustments a piece of cake. Now stills, videos, pre-comps, eps, solids, shapes and text can be used as kinetic elements in a complex monkey-generated compostion with a simple push of a button.

– Creates randomized complex kinetic layouts using layers in your comp based on parameters entered into the control panel.
– Features 3 different algorithms with a Justify option.
– Works with stills, video, pre-comps, shapes, solids, text, eps and pretty much any other type of layer AE accepts.
– Multiple controls for handling time-based layers.
– Variable layer order options.
– Keyframe-less timeline makes changes to timing as simple as sliding a marker.
– Creates a parented camera that points to each successive layer as it transitions on.
– Distributes markers across the timeline in 3 different ways.
– Exludes non- image based layers in comp such as nulls, cameras, audio and adjustments.
– Manual adjustments are easily made to size, position, rotation and opacity.
– Features a wide range of type transitions randomly selected by default, but can be specified as well.
– Marker Sync feature allows for push button alignment with preexisting marker layers, making syncing to music a breeze.
– Allows for different interpolation for camera movement, auto rotate and auto frame.
– Automatically builds and cleans to facilitate easy experimentation.
– Palette controls makes colorizing layers very easy.
– Supports motion blur, lock & shy, and preset Load and Save.

. Fixed scaling bug for layers with non-square pixels
. Added Kuler file support.
. Allow processing of null layers.
. Eliminated potential crash scenarios.


兼容性:After Effects CC 2014, CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4

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