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Digital Tutors – Using the 3D Camera Tracker and Intergrating Graphics in After Effects
在本系列教程中,我们将学习如何使用After Effects的3D camera tracker摄影机跟踪器,如何资产纳入镜头。我们会做一个增强现实风格的项目来学习这些技术。

而显卡拥有更多的是2.5D的感觉,他们完全融入原有的拍摄三维空间。为了能够做到这一点看,我们必须了解有哪些设置,我们需要的3D摄像机跟踪以及如何使用它来创建一个摄像头和空对象。然后,我们了解我们如何能够利用简单的二维图形的切换到3D,被放置到场景下拍摄的深度,而所有。我们学习的嵌套组合的价值和作用的崩溃转变发挥,以及与工作,在After Effects动画招一些技巧。

In this series of tutorials, we’ll learn how to use After Effects’ 3D Camera Tracker and how to integrate assets into the shot. We’ll be doing an augmented reality style project to learn these techniques.

While the graphics have more of a 2.5D feel, they are totally integrated into the 3D space of the original shot. To be able to achieve this look we must learn which settings we need for the 3D camera tracker and then how to use it to create a camera and null objects. We then learn how we can take simple 2D graphics which are switched on to 3D, to be placed into the scene all while following the depth of the shot. We learn the value of nested compositions and the role that collapse transformations plays as well as a few techniques for working with and animating strokes in After Effects.

By the end of this tutorial you’ll know how to solve a shot in 3D as well as integrate graphics into the scene.


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