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这些教程中,我们将投入一些技术可以用在After Effects为UI创建运动的研究和用户体验设计。因此,在本教程中,我们探索形状的多样性层,使用滑块和表达在我们获得更多的控制的组合物和减少杂波,最后,学习如何利用静态比较并将他们的生活。
Throughout these lessons we’ll be diving into some of the techniques that
can be used within After Effects in order to create motion studies for UI
and UX designs. So, in this tutorial, we explore the versatility of shape
layers, use sliders and expressions to gain more control over our
compositions and reduce clutter, and, by the end, learn how to take static
comps and bring them to life.
As we focus on why motion design is an important part of the design
process, we’ll discover how motion studies can be a valuable alternative to
1. Digital Tutors – Integrating Titles and Graphics into Footage in After Effects
2. Tutsplus Smoke Fire and Explosions in Adobe After Effects
3. Digital Tutors – Using the 3D Camera Tracker and Intergrating Graphics in After Effects
4. Lynda – After Effects Guru: Tracking and Stabilizing Footage
5. Digital Tutors – Sculpting a Female Assassin in ZBrush
6. Digital Tutors – Retiming Footage to Perfection in After Effects
7. The Gnomon Workshop – 3D Creature Design Alien Rock Grubber
8. ianimate – Workshop 1 Introduction to Feature Quality Animation
9. Digital Tutors – Sculpting Male and Female Faces in ZBrush
10. Lynda – After Effects Compositing Essentials: Advanced Matching and Looks


★.全高清视频素材 共75组飘舞的粉尘火星粒子(带透明通道)
★.10套VideoHive全高清光效光斑转场漏光粒子素材集合 共186组视频【米松整理】
★.Drag & Drop Series 第2季系列8套超值高品质视觉特效
★.31个高清水墨转场素材带Alpha通道 HD Ink
★.MotionVFX 共9套特效合成素材2&4K电影级分辨率 共132G大



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