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XFrog是一个有机的3D程序分析员,允许您创建和动画三维树木、鲜花、基于自然的特殊效果或建筑形式。Xfrog使得即使是最休闲的用户创建和动画有机模型强大的能力。自2005年发布以来,Xfrog for CINEMA 4D,得到了MAXON认可,迅速成为最受欢迎的C4D插件。所有Xfrog组件可以通过不同的动画参数:增长、数量的分支,吸引力的力量,向地性,或向光性,和每个参数每Xfrog组件可以动画!利用这种灵活性
XFrog软件和XfrogPlants主要生产房屋,客户包括WETA维塔,迪斯尼,Digital Domain,皮克斯,索尼, ILM,梦工厂,电子艺界,索尼娱乐。许多客户购买XfrogPlants并使用他们Xfrog软件。XfrogPlants是现实的,非常详细,充分变形三维植物模型创建Xfrog软件。我们有将近3000个模型,600种代表,可下载的库或作为单独的植物在Maya, max, c4d, lwo, modo, microstation, Vue, obj, bryce, 3ds, 和 xfr(xfrog) formats格式。
Xfrog components make it easy to build plants, organic shapes or abstract objects. Below you will find a list of the different components and what they can do for you. All Xfrog components can be animated by varying their parameters: Growth, number of branches, strength of attraction, gravitropism, or phototropism, and each parameter of every Xfrog component can be animated! With this flexibility, Xfrog can animate things like blossoming flowers or trees growing from seed to adult.

Xfrog 5.2 is a procedural organic 3D modeller that allows you to create and animate 3d trees, flowers, nature based special effects or architectural forms. Xfrog enables even the most casual user with the powerful ability to create and animate organic models. Since it’s release in 2005, Xfrog for CINEMA 4D, endorsed by MAXON, quickly become one of the most popular plugins for CINEMA 4D.

Xfrog 5.2 Software and XfrogPlants are used by major production houses including WETA, Disney Imagineering, Digital Domain, Pixar, Sony Imageworks, ILM, Dreamworks SKG, Electronic Arts, and Sony Entertainment. Many customers purchase XfrogPlants to compliment their Xfrog software. XfrogPlants are realistic, highly detailed, fully textured 3D plant models created with Xfrog software. We have nearly 3000 models, with 600 species represented, downloadable as libraries or as individual plants in Maya, max, c4d, lwo, modo, microstation, Vue, obj, bryce, 3ds, and xfr(xfrog) formats.
新版本Xfrog 5.3 for CINEMA 4D
Xfrog 5.3 includes several bug fixes, performance optimization including 20% speedup over Xfrog 4.4 as well as full compatibility with current versions of Cinema 4D.




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