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感谢@mojado带给我们的MAC版本的RealFlow 2014 (V8.1.1.0179)
RealFlow 2014版本的整个UI(用户界面)改进,更新菜单图标化显示,更加直观。

RealFlow是由西班牙Next Limit公司出品的流体动力学模拟软件。它是一款独立的模拟软件,可以计算真实世界中运动物体的运动,包括液体。RealFlow提供给艺术家们一系列精心设计的工具,如流体模拟(液体和气体)、网格生成器、带有约束的刚体动力学、弹性、控制流体行为的工作平台和波动、浮力(以前在RealWave中具有浮力功能)。你可以将几何体或场景导入RealFlow来设置流体模拟。在模拟和调节完成后,将粒子或网格物体从RealFlow导出到其他主流3D软件中进行照明和渲染。
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RealFlow is a recognized standard for the simulation of fluids and body dynamics in films and television. From a small droplet to a tsunami RealFlow can achieve stunning results.
RealFlow is a fully-featured standalone package available for Windows OSX and Linux and compatible with all major 3D platforms via free connectivity plugins.


RealFlow 2014新功能:
Hybrido Viscosity
A viscosity model for RealFlow’s Hybrido has been requested by many users and now our large-scale solver comes with a state-of-the-art implementation of this feature. The HyViscosity solver supports static and time-variable viscosity, and – with the help of RealFlow’s Graphs system – even space-variable viscosity. The latter method is used to create zones of variable viscosity to achieve melting effects.
Hybrido Improvements
In RealFlow 2014 you will find an improved collision detection for interactions between Hybrido fluids and objects. The interplay is much more accurate and yields better results. We have also succeeded in removing some limitations, for example the possibility of filling glass- or vase-like objects with particles from outside these objects.
HySPH Bubbles Emitter
With this new emitter it is possible to create rising bubbles from objects interacting with a Hybrido fluid. Bubbles add more realism to your simulations. They occur when an object is diving into a fluid, interacts with its surface (e.g. with propellors), or is moved under water. The bubbles will rise and move to the surface. There, they can turn into foam and float on the surface, or they will be destroyed.
New HySPH Fluid Type
All splash-based secondary emitters provide a new fluid type: this new option is called “Liquid – Hybrido”. When this type is enabled the particles are no longer governed by the HySPH solver, but our HyFLIP method. The result is a significantly improved behaviour, a more fluid-like appearance, and decreased simulation times due to the HyFLIP solver’s larger time steps.
Experienced users will certainly notice a few eye-catching differences in comparison to RealFlow 2013: tabs with access to RealFlow’s nodes and commands, and completely overhauled, stylish icons.
The tabs are called “RealFlow Shelves” and with them you will be able to customize RealFlow’s layout to suit your needs, create groups of commands, scripts, plugins, or graphs – even network drives can be hooked to the layout. External resources will now act as if they are built-in commands.
A comprehensive, but easy-to-use, tool which provides functions to manage the shelves and their contents. You will also find a shortcut manager, where you can define your own key combinations for RealFlow’s commands and nodes. It also possible to define multiple shortcuts for one and the same command. The shelves are freely configurable and you can change their order with drag-and-drop actions.
The new version of RealFlow provides a completely revised “Sheeter” daemon. With thin fluid layers in particular, you will see huge improvements. The hole-filling process is easier to control, creates more particles, and there are additional options to create tendrils. Finally, you will get much better, and more accurate, results with fluids colliding with objects.

流体动力学模拟软件 RealFlow 2014 (V8.1.1.0179) Win64

RealFlow 2014 所有最新的接口插件集合包



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